Case Study – Jasco


Jasco needed a fully assembled, working display that allowed consumers to see the di erence in their LED Cafe lights compared to the competition. The lights are boxed, stacked on pallets, and presented “warehouse style” to consumers. The retail store guidelines allowed a small footprint for the display, making the need for maximum impact a necessity.


The S&S designers worked closely with the marketing department at Jasco to design and build a 3-D working display that would exhibit the lights, hide the LED power supply and cord and be completely assembled when pulled out of the box. The final product consisted of print, custom shaping, heat bending, and assembly before being boxed and shipped.


Success. The working displays bring attention to the Enbrighten brand of lights and away from the competition. The displays arriving fully assembled ensures that they will be placed on the display rack correctly and—once plugged in—work their magic with consumers. Jasco is now utilizing this display in two of the largest retailers in the nation.

Can you put a bow on that?

“S&S helped us put together a great display that allowed potential customers to experience our outdoor lighting right there in the store. As a result, we had an increase in exposure AND in sales! A big thank you to the great folks at S&S Promotions for producing our vision.”

— Paul Riedl, Content Production Manager