About S&S

At our core, we believe that the Print is the easy part. With over 50 years of experience , we’ve honed the art of crafting multi-unit signage campaigns that resonate with your brand. While printing is crucial, our focus lies in understanding your objectives, tailoring creative solutions, and leveraging industry techniques to ensure your message shines.

bob moore ford dealership in Oklahoma City with interior signage by S&S Promotions

Our 3-D Process

Whether you have a single display project or a yearly point of purchase marketing campaign, together we can discover the best course of action to help accomplish your goals.


Where are you now?
What would you change if you could? What keeps you up at night?


Where would you like to be?
What are your goals when it comes to your signage program? What have you tried so far?


What's keeping you from getting there?
Is the pain/complexity enough to do something about? What does it cost to do nothing?